XS350 Solder Fume Extractor

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Quick Overview:

Constant Airflow
Vector Control Technology
Quick Filter Replacement

Solder Fume Extraction for Multi-operators, Solder Pot Fumes, Reflow Soldering Fumes, Wave Soldering Fumes, Argo Arc Welding Fumes, etc.
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  • With filter observation window
  • Air inlet diversion design, increases the purification efficiency by 80%
  • Intelligent digital display, with remote control
  • Sound and light alarm for filter clogging
  • Brushless DC motor with stable performance, can work for 40,000 hours consecutively
Model: XS350
Power: 350W
Filters: 5 Layers
Systematic Flow: 435 m³/h
Noise: <65 dB
Dimension (mm): 550 x 415 x 920
Weight: 52.5 kg
Fume Extraction for Multi-operator: 6 operators

Filters Combination:
1st Layer: Pre-filter Cotton
2nd Layer: PP Filter
3th Layer: Glass Fiber Filter
4th Layer – 5th Layer: Active Carbon Filter

Fume Extractor

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XS350 Solder Fume Extractor

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